The Soul Care Journey

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Your Journey to Healing and Purpose Begins Today...

Regardless of the path you are on, once you decide to let me walk with you, I won't just give you instructions and worksheets.  I walk the journey with you.  I listen to what you are feeling, and empathize.  And I guide you on a jouney to healing, wholeness, and purpose.  In addition to dedicated weekly coaching session, I will stay in touch with you throughout the week to encourage you, motivate you and yes, even pray with you.

I understand that as you go through the process, there will be struggles to overcome that will try to throw you off your path.  I know this because I have walked this path many times. I know there will be times when you may need a word of encouragement, a prayer, a listening ear, a biblical perspective or an unbiased view, and I want you to feel free to reach out to me when those times are present.

The initial session is free.  I will listen to your concerns and recommend an action plan specifically for you including biblical studies to strengthen your relationship with God and guide you in the direction He would have you to go, based on your own personal circumstances.  My action plans consist of a 12 -week coaching programs that incorporates a biblical word view into the coaching process that will help you to discover, accept and move in the purpose God has predestined for you; and in His purpose you will find the most fulfillment.  I will help you establish your starting point, set your goals, and find the motivation to move forward.

After, the initial session, if you decide to move into action, I will guide you through a 12-week one on one biblical based plan to get you up and moving with newfound hope!  This will include:

12 weekly one on one 60-minute coaching sessions (Via phone/Skype/Zoom/Microsoft Teams/etc)
Video and text downloads to help keep you dig deeper and stay on track.
Mid-week follow-ups

Don't waist another moment living without the joy God has made available to you!  What have you got to loose? Initial Consultation is FREE!

Initial Consultation is FREE
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